A good taco sums up Mexico all by itself! Over there it’s the first thing you give a child when he’s old enough to bite. Anything you eat ends up in a tortilla! And if you can’t eat it with your hands, then it’s not a taco. Anyway, there’s always a good excuse…

After years of delighting the inhabitants of the Canal Saint Martin, the Guacamole team takes up residence in Pigalle for its new colourful taqueria.

At ACÀ, in the epicentre of Parisian lust, all the senses are awakened. Mexican cuisine, exuberant and festive, its angry chili peppers invite you to get drunk, its sliced flavours to share… Forget the conveniences, you’ll have your fingers full of them!

« Mi casa es tu casa ». ACÀ is home, welcome!

At Acà, there is one detail that is not to be laughed at, and that is the quality and character of our products: straight from the market or direct from Mexico City! Our cuisine is the image of our chef, generous and authentic. A balanced diet? A taco in every hand!

Los mexicanos nacemos donde se nos da la gana. The pride of Acà Pigalle is his team. The one who’s there every day, who liven up the place, and set the tone for the restaurant. At our home, we’re Mexican by birth or adoption.

It is often said that Mexicanos are hot-blooded… Claro! Hot as a margarita is fresh. At Acà, we watch over your temperature with our typical aguas frescas that quench your thirst while leaving a slightly sweet taste. And for those who have understood everything, tequilas and margaritas are the answer. Whatever the question!